Cabinet of Curiosities

This particular cabinet as a whole, cabinet and curiosities, is an interpretation of what a label or wrapping is. The cabinet  is a collection of various labels and wrappers that were accumulated during the groups’ stay in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. Labels and wrappers are a way that humans use to identify objects. They also poetically reveal through concealment. Many casings are made of materials that are temporary or fragile and have different reasons for existing.The packaging is meant to be opened,and it creates a sense of mystery for the user, and desire to know what the content looks like or what it is. They have the power of transforming something mundane into something mysterious. Wrappings can also evoke a repressive atmosphere and hide the content. The covering of products with labels also serves a guarantee to the consumer. They are meant for hygiene and of course, as a form of identification. They become an immediate and informative visual that is meant to tell not only what the object is, but also of its composition, assembly if any, and other details that may or may not be important to the user. Nevertheless, what many take for granted on a daily basis becomes very important for our group who was sometimes unfamiliar with the physical properties of the items or he language of the label. These wrappers also tell the story and reflect on the group’s preferences and experiences.