Extruder – Jellate

The primary goal of this project was to employ the process of extruding into a gelatinous material to allow for a more free form extrusion. The gelatinous material printing method is used by bio medical engineering to make blood vessels and other organic materials as the gelatin allows for very delicate mediums and forms to be made. Our group chose a slightly more selfish route to extrude chocolate into a gelatinous form. This was to allow for chocolate to be suspended into the mold, as an inversion of jelly encased in chocolate candies. We can imagine several useful applications for the extruder. perhaps they would be best for making individualized bonbons fairly quickly and accurately. Our use of the nesting doll form is to demonstrate the ability to “float” objects within each other something that is not easily accomplished in a traditional 3D. Needless to say the extrusions of chocolate in jello did not come out quite as the team expected. However, we are positive that with a little more tinning we can get it to work exactly how we would like. I recommend checking out the tumblr post for the class. There you can find this project along with other very interesting ones.