Hengdian: Creating time

Summer Class 2015 – Shiqiao Li and Esther Lorenz

Hengdian World Studio is the largest movie studio in the world.Believed to be the “Hollywood” of China. The goal of our visit to Hengdian- and the following analysis- was to understand the role of time in the production of films and television, and the services surrounding them. Hengdian is a city that grew around a single industry: film. This is a medium that manipulates time in order to tell stories both fact and fiction and this production of time is just as prevalent as the production of stages and scenery in the development of Hengdian. During our visit we identified and analysed the artifacts of this production; an attempt to understand what exactly the production of time entails, and the marks it leaves upon the city.







Team members; Qintian Steve Wang & Stephanie Granados