Metal Works

                Fall Studio 2015 – Jeana Ripple 

The focus of our group is the aggregation of metal modules. Each composition is composed of pieces that assemble and disassemble, allowing for an easy modification of a structure that needs to vary according to loads. Construction is quite simple and requires a minimum amount of tools. That being said, the joints are opportunities for education where removal is as simple as construction. Modular pieces maybe the same, the joints may even be the same, but the assembly can be adjusted and improved as the composition inspires its form.


Because of the variability of the modules, the spaces that can be created are countless. However, for this particular project, we were to design a temporary structure that serves as a meeting house for the people of University of Virginia community. The location of the project is on grounds with views to not only a great part of The Lawn, Thomas Jefferson’s gardens and historic buildings such as Old Cabel Hall, and the amphitheater.